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Main use and separation characteristics of food decanter centrifuge

Aug 23, 2018

Food decanter centrifuge For the traditional solid-liquid separation equipment belt filter press, frame box filter press, etc., the solid-liquid separation equipment horizontal decanter centrifuge is quite obvious, so it has been widely used in various industries in recent years. It works well in the treatment of various starch dehydration.


As a separation device, the food decanter centrifuge can be used for solid phase dehydration, the solid particles of the treated material can be dehydrated, and can be used for liquid phase clarification, removing solid particles in the suspension to obtain a clear liquid; It can complete the particle size classification and is used to remove the solid particles with larger particle size in the liquid.


Moreover, the food decanter centrifuge is a continuous, closed, and automatic operation when performing solid-liquid separation, does not cause clogging, and does not require high-pressure water to rinse the inside of the body during work, so the production efficiency is high. During the operation of the equipment, the materials to be processed are continuously input, and the continuous discharge and transportation of the clarified liquid and the de-cemented cake are a fully automatic treatment process, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers.


In addition, because it is mainly for food industry equipment, the food decanting centrifuge has a clean working environment, small footprint, simple equipment, and the entire work process is completely closed, which will not pollute the workshop and is easy to manage.