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Method for improving dewatering efficiency of two phase decanter centrifuges

Jan 03, 2019

The two-phase dewatering centrifuge is mainly used in sewage plants. It can separate water and sewage well. It is a product of contemporary scientific and technological progress and has a good impetus for the reuse of water resources, especially In the absence of today's water resources, the reuse of water resources is very important.


When increasing the dewatering efficiency, we can set up the two phase decanter centrifuges, for example, the centrifuge drum speed is increased, provided that it is within the safe allowable range, and the material is not corrosive or corrosive; or the centrifuge is improved. The filtration area inside the drum. The specific method is to increase the cross-sectional area, increase the lining net, and keep a slight gap between the filter bag and the centrifuge drum to improve the water permeability.


For a two-phase dewatering centrifuge, to increase the particle size of the solid phase material, and in the case of a constant process, if it is desired to increase the rate of concern, it may be considered to add, such as a flocculant. If the material is viscous, wash it within the allowable range of the process. These are some of the operations in the case where the performance of the two-phase dewatering centrifuge is allowed, and the operation is performed without damaging the machine. These operations can improve dewatering efficiency without causing damage to the machine, and are very feasible measures.