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Notes on installing the centrifuge

Feb 27, 2020

As a kind of precision machinery, centrifuges require experienced professional installation masters to ensure foolproofness. Today, I will share with you the precautions summarized by the installation masters during the installation of the centrifuge. I hope everyone will like them.

(1) Power supply voltage: The voltage fluctuation must meet the national standard within + 10%, otherwise the centrifuges of some manufacturers will not operate normally. If the voltage fluctuates above this, it is recommended to use a voltage regulator to fit this grid.

(2) The ground wire should be firm: The wiring of the power supply in the room must meet the requirements. China is a three-phase four-wire system. Three-phase is the three-phase in industrial power. When using three-phase power, the neutral and the ground are separated. More importantly, whether it is three-phase industrial power or general single-phase power, the ground wire should be reliable to avoid leakage. The ground wire cannot be connected to the heating pipe or water pipe.

(3) The floor should be flat and firm: For large centrifuges, the floor should be moved firmly at the address of the device to ensure that the rotor of the centrifuge can work normally without sinking in. The ground where the device is fixed should be flat and firm.

(4) Find a good level: find a more accurate small level, open the centrifuge lid, find the level on the main shaft, and find the level by adjusting the adjustment bolts next to the four casters, and pay attention to the fact that 1 foot cannot fall.