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On the lubrication of drilling mud decanter centrifuge

May 07, 2018

It should be noted that the separation process of the solid phase and the liquid phase in the mud is performed in the drum of the drilling mud decanter centrifuge. The main purpose is to use the high-speed rotation of the drum to drive the mud entering the drum to rotate at a high speed so that the mud is thrown onto the drum wall. Form a liquid ring on it.


At this time, the solid particles in the liquid ring are subjected to a centrifugal force several hundred times or even several thousand times greater than their own gravity, and overcome the resistance of the mud viscosity to quickly settle on the inner wall of the drum to form a solid phase layer, and the liquid forms a liquid phase layer. Drilling mud decanter centrifuges with large separation factors can separate finer particles from the mud.


It can be seen that the drilling mud decanter centrifuge plays an important role in the entire mud circulation system. It controls the smallest particle content in the mud and effectively guarantees the quality of the drilling fluid. Drilling mud decanter centrifuges mainly include cycloid pin differentials, main bearings, thruster bearings, and pulley-type fluid couplings. What should they pay attention to when lubricating?


Drilling mud decanter centrifugal cycloid wheel differentials are usually filled with a certain amount of 3# lithium grease to lubricate the bearings, reduce the wear of the cycloid and needle rollers and help differential heat dissipation. When adding lubricating oil, it is necessary to remove the two screw plugs of the differential housing and the bolts of the input shaft head. Lubricating ester is injected from the screw hole of the input shaft with the oil gun. The internal air or the used oil is from the housing. The two screw plug holes were pushed out, and the grease after use flowed out from the two screw plug holes by about 200 mm, and then the screw plugs were tightened at various places.


The main bearing of the drilling mud decanter centrifuge is lubricated with 3# lithium ester. If the lubricating grease is not added before the start of the machine, the bearing will burn out quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to remember to heat the proper lubricating grease in time; and the propeller bearing Lubricate, and add about 150 g of 3# lithium ester to the grease fittings on the big and small end shafts.


Drilling mud decanter centrifuges also need to be lubricated by a pulley-type hydraulic coupling, and its work is recommended by the use of No. 6 hydraulic transmission oil or No. 22 turbine oil, and the injected oil volume is 50%-80% of the total volume. About 5.8 to 6.2 liters. Oil injection must be filtered through 80 to 100 mesh/inch screens, and new oil must be replaced every 3000 hours of operation.