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Operating principle of stainless steel sludge dewatering machine

Feb 04, 2019

The processing capacity of the stainless steel sludge dewatering machine is controlled within an appropriate range, combined with the sludge flow rate, flocculant flow rate and the difference degree to avoid the equipment overload caused by the sudden increase of the load, which causes the system to fluctuate frequently and affect the treatment effect. Larger device processing efficiency.


The sludge concentration of the stainless steel sludge dewatering machine should be adjusted in time to adjust the flocculant flow rate and the differential speed. It is necessary to ensure the treatment effect and avoid waste; the sludge flow rate increases or the sludge concentration increases, and the flocculant flow rate increases and the difference The speed is correspondingly increased; the sludge flow rate decreases or the sludge concentration decreases, the flocculant flow rate is reduced, and the differential speed is correspondingly reduced.


The flocculant type and consumption of the stainless steel sludge dewatering machine depend on the matching of the quality of the agent and the nature of the sludge, and also on the type of equipment structure and operating conditions. The performance of the mud biscuits should be combined with the torque data to determine the optimal differential speed value range. In principle, the lower differential degree should be used to achieve better treatment effect and save flocculant without causing the centrifuge to block and satisfy the processing capacity. Consumption.