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Operation method of stainless steel decanter centrifuge

Feb 14, 2019

The difference between a stainless steel decanter centrifuge and a conventional centrifuge is that there is no filter hole in the drum wall, and no filter cloth is required for operation. This model is suitable for the liquid-liquid separation of two liquids containing solid phase particles with fine particle size and high viscosity.
The motor drives the rotating drum to rotate at a high speed through the clutch, and the material is added into the non-porous rotating drum from the upper part. Under the centrifugal force, the light and heavy phases in the material begin to stratify, the heavy phase closely adheres to the drum wall, and the light phase forms the inner liquid ring, the inner liquid The ring is led out of the drum through the sputum tube during operation, and after the export is completed, the heavy phase material is then withdrawn by the sputum tube.
When operating, the stainless steel decanter centrifuge should be placed on a level surface, and the level of the ground must be level. The power is 380V industrial three-phase power, do not lack phase; the power connection method is the triangle connection method, after the power is connected, the test machine is once, and the inner liner must be rotated in the clockwise direction.
Open the switch, the stainless steel decanter centrifuge reaches the maximum speed about 15s. At this time, the material is added into the machine liner. After the feeding is stopped, the machine can run for about 1-15 minutes. The material in the barrel can be layered and slowly rotated manually. The sputum tube runner can make the light phase liquid close to the light phase liquid on the wall of the barrel.