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Performance advantages and composition system of sludge dewatering centrifuge

Sep 18, 2017

Sludge dewatering centrifuge can be said that the current treatment of urban sewage in the process of the most common one of the equipment, and other areas are also common. The equipment also has a sludge dewatering, sludge concentration and dehydration integrated processing function. The sludge dewatering centrifuge has been able to achieve such a wide range of applications, mainly because of its own great advantage.

First of all, in the structure, the sludge dewatering centrifuge as a whole is a closed system, so during the operation of the equipment, the work site will not produce any pollution. Second, in the use of the equipment in the process, compared with other ways, you can save a lot of flocculant and cleaning water consumption, this way, significantly reduce the operating costs.

Moreover, due to the design is reasonable, so the overall layout of sludge dewatering centrifuge is more compact, only need to take up a small space area, can reduce land acquisition and infrastructure investment. Of course, these advantages are determined by the internal composition of the system. Here we come together to understand the main components of the device.

In fact, for the sludge dewatering centrifuge, its composition mainly includes five major systems, namely: sludge feed system, flocculant dispensing system, the proportion of agent dispensing system, dehydration sludge delivery system and electronic control System and so on. The feed system is mainly composed of sludge cutting machine, electromagnetic flowmeter, sludge feed pump, valves and pipelines.

Then we mainly tell you about the sludge dewatering centrifuge conveyor system. In order to ensure the delivery effect, in the design of the time, the use of non-axis screw structure design, which can be very good to avoid mud cake jam and winding.

Finally, we must introduce the sludge dewatering centrifuge of the electronic control system, we should know that the operation of the equipment are actually dominated by the system, which mainly include the components of the sleeves of the host, feed pump, plus Drug pump, PLC control and related electrical components control box and LCD touch screen composition.

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