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Petroleum Refining Centrifugal Separator Principle and Scope of Application

Jan 27, 2018

There are many types of petroleum refining centrifuges, including hydrocyclones, cyclone separators, mixed separators, liquid centrifuges, the basic principle of the same with the centrifuge, but its structure is different. Like the hydrocyclone in a petroleum refining centrifuge, it is mainly used for the liquid-liquid separation with different specific gravity, especially for oily wastewater treatment.


In a hydrocyclone, the stream enters at a velocity tangentially from the side and rotates in the shape of the hydrocyclone as the fluid moves toward the bottom; the tapering diameter increases the angular velocity of the fluid and Centrifugal forces, which are separated by centrifugal force, cause light particles or liquid to accumulate towards the center of the cylinder and move toward the head end of the hydrocyclone, out of the tip, while heavy particles and liquid flow out through the cone bottom.


Another oil refining centrifuge cyclone separator principle and structure and hydrocyclones, just the size to be designed with the specific application of the corresponding design, the cyclone separator manufacturers of different shape and structure Different, it can be used alone.


Cyclone separators are capable of gas-liquid separation, gas-liquid separation, solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation at the top of different inlet-outlet configurations. They are widely used in gas-liquid separation in the oil industry and are also used in solid-liquid separation and oil-water separation or even Three-phase separation, this point with the role of centrifuge is the same.


In the petroleum refining centrifugal separator, the mixing separator combines the principle of ordinary vertical oil-gas water separator with the principle of cyclone separation. In addition to being capable of gas-liquid separation, its oil-water separation capability is greatly enhanced compared with ordinary separators, thereby improving the separation effect.


There is also a liquid centrifuge, which is the two immiscible and different proportion of the liquid mixture into the oil refining centrifuges, and then driven by the motor rotating drum at high speed, so that the liquid through the bottom of the drum inlet into the drum The inner wall. Under the action of centrifugal force, the two liquids are gradually separated into two layers during the upward movement.