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Petroleum refining centrifugal separator purchase instructions and structural composition

Mar 07, 2019

The petroleum refining centrifugal separator, from its name, knows that this type of centrifugal separator is used in petroleum refining and needs to be properly and reasonably used and regulated so that the product can be fully utilized. So, the next step is to learn and master the knowledge of petroleum refining centrifuges.


1. Purchase instructions for petroleum refining centrifugal separator

The purchase of petroleum refining centrifuges needs to be taken seriously and treated seriously. If errors occur in the selection of products, it will affect the normal use of the products and even cause product waste and economic losses to the users. In terms of purchase considerations, all relevant factors need to be taken into account, among which the product origin, parameters, quality, price, manufacturer and product after-sales service must be considered in order to have the right choice and choose the right one. The product.


2. Oil refining centrifugal separator manufacturer selection requirements

Oil refining centrifuges, the choice of the manufacturer is an important job, because it involves an important aspect of the product, so it can not be treated and carried out. In the selection requirements, it is necessary to choose professional and regular manufacturers, so as to ensure product quality and product performance, and then, the product has a good use effect.


3. Characteristics and structural composition of petroleum refining centrifugal separator

The petroleum refining centrifugal separator is characterized by reasonable and compact structure, simple and convenient operation and maintenance, stable operation and low noise, and large processing capacity and long service life. Moreover, the device has a small footprint and can have a good use effect on petroleum refining and achieve the purpose of use.


The structural composition of the petroleum refining centrifugal separator, from a professional point of view, includes the fuselage, the centrifugal separation part and the oil outlet, etc., the shock absorber support foot is installed on the fuselage and the support is installed at both ends of the fuselage. Rack, so that the equipment can run smoothly and work, avoiding large vibrations. In addition, if the oil contains water, the oil and water can be separated by the oil-water separation tank, and an oil outlet is provided on the oil-water separation tank to facilitate the discharge of the separated oil.