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Phenomenon Analysis and Adopting Measures of Sealing Material of Decanter

Jul 01, 2017

Decanter centrifuge daily use process will inevitably occur no slag, slag mouth outlet water blocking phenomenon, separated from the mud inside the mud out.
Blocking material analysis:
1, spiral and drum speed synchronization, can not push material, so do not come out slag. If the machine is OK before, and now this situation may be the parameter adjustment problem, increase the difference speed try.
2, mud sticky, or fiber winding in the spiral to form mud, easy to fall off.
3, the hole hole plug.
It is recommended that the screw and drum be thoroughly cleaned. Appropriate increase in the differential, making the mud fall as soon as possible to avoid the separation time is too long to form a solid mud. If you can not normally open the auxiliary inverter alarm overload, we can remove the protective cover of the auxiliary motor, hand wheel drive differential input pulley, more than a few laps if the stuck phenomenon that proved to be helical and The middle of the drum is too much stuck in the material. The solution is as follows:


screw decanter centrifuge

    1, with things stuck the differential pulley, with the artificial drum drum rotation direction of the drum moving drum only to the obvious sense of resistance can disappear, and then the main auxiliary machine to a lower frequency of low-speed start water rinse clean
    2, some decanter centrifuge selection is a foreign inverter such as ABB, AB, Siemens and so on some of the inverter has a special low-speed protection start mode, you can achieve low-speed high torque start function, then as long as the main auxiliary Machine to the low speed of water can be washed.
    3, there is a way is to hold the drum does not move, the drum of the end of the water retaining plate removed, the auxiliary machine transferred to the reverse open to let the material from the drum outlet part, Transferred to the forward discharge, repeated operation. This method is suitable for the blockage is particularly serious and labor simply do not move the large diameter than the decanter centrifuge.
    4, blocking the case is very serious, many times the need for technical staff to assist the demolition of equipment, after the material, and then re-install can be activated.


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