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Practical Analysis of Dewatering Screw Press

May 15, 2018

Dewatering screw presses are used in many industries. For example, dewatering screw presses can be used in the solid-liquid separation of agricultural wastes and livestock and poultry wastes, pharmaceuticals, food, paper, biofuels, feeds, household waste, and kitchen waste. Processing, organic fertilizer, aquaculture, brewing, starch, sugar, chemicals, tobacco, chemical fiber, animal husbandry, slaughter, sewage treatment, etc.


1. Introduction to the structure of the dewatering screw press

At present, the structural components of the equipment mainly include feed boxes, conical spirals, water filters, filter water cages, machine bases, speed control motors, speed reducers and gearboxes. The device is generally designed with a sealed structure, so the site environment can be kept clean during operation. As for the structural design and material of the device, it can be determined according to the specific needs of the user, and the flexible design can meet the different requirements of the customer.


2, the main features of dewatering screw press:

Combined with current applications, the equipment has features such as high strength, high bearing pressure, stable performance, easy deformation, no jamming, no slippage, easy maintenance and long service life.


3, the main purpose of dehydration screw press:

The device is extremely versatile and can be used for the dehydration of distiller's grains, pomace, dregs, cassava residues, etc. in addition to those described above. The device can effectively reduce the burden on the dryer, at the same time, it can also significantly increase the output and reduce the energy consumption. It is an indispensable processing equipment before the high-humidity materials are dried. After being processed by this equipment, the material can be directly introduced into the drying equipment.


4. The practicality of dewatering screw press is introduced:

For the user, the dehydration screw press has a good working performance and plays a very important role in the work. The outlet of the dehydration screw press is equipped with an automatic cylinder resistance device at the rear, and by adjusting the pre-tightening force and position, the discharge resistance and the size of the slag outlet can be changed to adjust the wet and dry degree of the dehydration discharge. In this way, it is also possible to maintain a uniform feed and stabilize operations.