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Practice instructions for centrifuge for animal oil treatment

Sep 27, 2018

In the production process of chicken powder and chicken fat, the chicken soup obtained by cooking and enzymatic hydrolysis contains chicken oil, a small amount of chicken dregs, and a nutrient-rich chicken soup. In order to facilitate the concentration and drying of the later chicken powder, it is necessary to separate the chicken oil in the chicken soup, which is the centrifuge used for the treatment of animal oil.


When the centrifuge for animal oil treatment, the oil in the complete chicken soup can be separated, so that the chicken soup does not contain grease, which facilitates the concentration and drying of the latter stage process, and the produced difficult powder is not sticky, easy to disperse, and not easy to be contaminated. Excessively high levels of rancidity or other undesirable odors.


When the centrifuge is used in animal oil processing, the separation factor of the equipment is as high as 15,000, so it is suitable for the separation of emulsion and the separation of high-speed suspension. In the treatment of the suspension, in order to achieve the desired working efficiency of the equipment, the slag discharge is not too frequent, and the solid phase content of the suspension is suitable for 0.5% or less and not more than 1%. Tube centrifuges are widely used in industrial production such as biological extraction, chemical, pharmaceutical, and nanomaterials.