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Process requirements and various stresses of screw decanter

Jul 08, 2019

The screw decanter can effectively design the drowning depth according to the process requirements during the operation. In the operation, the PLC program-controlled intelligent drive is effectively used. After the drainer receives the drain command, the drowning port is quickly moved from the parked position to below the water surface, and the still supernatant is drained and reciprocated to drain. When the decanter reaches the lower water level, the liquid level switch placed at the lower water level issues a return command, and the decanter quickly rises to the parking position to complete a work cycle.


The high-speed decanter does not disturb the liquid level under the mouth of the mouth within the load range specified by the mouth. The raft is equipped with a float and a slag plate to ensure the quality of the effluent. The special design ensures that the decanter's gravity and the buoyancy are basically balanced, so that the drive power consumption is very low.


The water-repellent device to the main drain pipe is rigidly connected by stainless steel, which avoids the disadvantages such as high failure rate, short service life and high maintenance work strength caused by soft connection. The entire decanter has a robust support that can withstand all kinds of stresses during operation.