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Product selection and advantages of screw decanter centrifuge

Jun 17, 2019

The screw decanter centrifuge, from the current point of view, is to have a comprehensive understanding and correct understanding of this type of centrifuge, because it will be used in some industries and fields, so this specific requirement will be met, and below, It is achieved by explaining and expounding its relevant knowledge.

1. Product selection of screw decanter centrifuge

The product selection of the screw decanter centrifuge is an important task from a professional point of view. It should not be underestimated and sloppy, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the normal use of the product and its use, and cause Waste of products and economic losses to the purchaser. In the consideration of product purchase, it is necessary to take all relevant factors into consideration, and it is necessary to comprehensively and comprehensively consider these factors, so that they can have accurate judgments and correct choices, and then choose the right products. .

2. Advantages of a screw decanter centrifuge

(1) This kind of centrifuge has good adaptability, and can be optimized for some main functional components such as speciality or adjustability. Moreover, the product can be customized according to the user's installation and use location, physical and chemical properties of the treated materials, and process requirements.

(2) It can work continuously and run continuously, and can work continuously for 24 hours, and the whole machine has large processing capacity and good separation effect.

(3) In operation, automatic operation can be realized, which can improve the working efficiency of the centrifuge and reduce the labor cost.

(4) The equipment has a long service life, and under normal operating conditions, it can achieve trouble-free operation, and the service life can reach several years or more.

(5) Screw decanter centrifuge This kind of centrifuge has compact and reasonable structure, small footprint, easy operation and convenient maintenance, and low maintenance cost.

(6) In order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the centrifuge, some safety protection devices can be installed on the centrifuge to achieve the purpose, and multiple protections such as torque protection, power control, electrical interlocking, and sound and light alarm can be installed.

(7) It can have a higher degree of automation. The feeding, separation and unloading can be carried out continuously and automatically. In the device control, communication with the microcomputer can be carried out according to user requirements to realize automatic control of the process.

3. Understanding of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge

Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, which is a specific type of screw decanter centrifuge, which is a device for solid-liquid separation under the action of centrifugal force by passing the mud-water mixture into the drum through the feed pipe and the spiral discharge port. Therefore, it can be used in a solid-liquid separation operation, and continuous separation of materials can also be achieved. Therefore, in some industries and fields, this type of centrifuge is used to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.www.bscentrifuges.com