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Product selection of industrial decanter and whether rotary decanter is available

Jun 07, 2019

Industrial decanter, which is a decanter used in the industrial field, and to use it properly and reasonably, it is necessary to have a correct understanding and comprehensive understanding of this type of decanter in order to achieve the goal. Moreover, the full utilization of the product can also be achieved.


1. Product selection of industrial decanter

The purchase of industrial decanter products is an important task from a professional point of view. It needs to be taken seriously and carried out in order to avoid wrong choices and avoid the adverse effects caused by wrong choices. In terms of product purchase considerations, there are important and necessary considerations. All necessary considerations should be taken into account, and all relevant factors should be considered comprehensively and comprehensively so that they can have accurate judgments and correct choices. Choose the right product for yourself.


2. Can the rotary decanter be used as an industrial decanter?

Whether the rotary decanter can be used as an industrial decanter depends mainly on whether this type of decanter can be used in industrial fields, such as in industrial wastewater treatment, and if it can, it can be used as an industrial decanter. use.


In addition, it is also necessary to know that the rotary decanter is composed of a water sluice groove, a down pipe, a horizontal pipe, a bearing seat, an electric actuator, a transmission rod and the like. The water tank is on the water surface of the SBR reaction tank, and the horizontal pipe is in the lower part of the reaction tank. The sluice trough is supported by the downcomer and integrated with the lower horizontal pipe. Both ends of the horizontal pipe are fixed with an annular stainless steel bushing at appropriate positions, and two sliding bearings are installed, and the horizontal pipe is fixed on the bottom of the pool by the bearing seat, which is the rotating shaft of the entire decanter.


3. Are there different types of decanters? How is the industrial decanter obtained?

The decanter has different types under different classification standards. For example, according to the working form, the decanter can be divided into a rotary decanter, a buoy type decanter and a siphon type decanter. The industrial decanter, which is a specific type of decanter according to the application field, is used in the industrial field rather than in other industries.www.bscentrifuges.com