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Requirements for two phase decanter centrifuge

Sep 23, 2017

In the production and manufacture of two phase decanter centrifuge in the process, must meet certain rules and requirements. It must be in the process of assessing the non-destructive testing of the two-phase sedimentation centrifuge, it must be in accordance with the relevant system to carry out the specific assessment work must also be issued by the labor department of the corresponding method of non-destructive testing personnel qualification certificate The


In actual operation, it is necessary to ensure that the drum welds of the welding drums of all two phase decanter centrifuge are X-ray inspection according to ZB J77 002 and are in compliance with the specified standards. As for the vertical welds need to be 100% ray inspection, at the same time to meet the corresponding requirements. In addition, the length of the weld inspection shall not be less than one fifth of the total length of the weld.


Of course, for the two phase decanter centrifuge is an important component, the same need for non-destructive testing, mainly for its spindle and drum and other important components in the heat treatment after nondestructive testing, and to ensure compliance with ZB J77 002 requirements. It is also necessary to detect the dynamic balance accuracy of the drum, not less than the corresponding product technical standards.


Similarly, the electrical parts of the two phase decanter centrifuge also need to meet the requirements, such as its electrical control box need to be equipped with a malfunction to avoid malfunction and dangerous protection device. If the device is a higher level of automation equipment, then also need to configure the interlock device.


Finally, in fact, all the two phase decanter centrifuge in the manufacturing process, the general will create a random file. And usually the file needs to be at least seven years in the original factory for later review.



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