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Return on drilling mud decanter centrifuge

Nov 11, 2017

During the process of drilling mud, the primary separated muddy water mixture enters into the concentrated sedimentation tank, and the sludge flocculant is added for concentration. The supernatant in the concentrated tank can be discharged after the standard is met. Thus, drilling mud decanter centrifuge has great advantages in this regard.


First of all, with the improvement of technology and the continuous introduction of advanced technologies, the drilling mud decanter centrifuge is driven more and more advancedly. Even with this equipment for processing, the differential value can be automatically adjusted according to the change of mud, so as to obtain the best and most economical separation effect. Compared with other similar equipment, the device is not only easy to use, but also has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low noise and high dryness.


Second, after many studies and experiments, all the mud-contacting centrifuges are made of high-quality materials in contact with the mud, which can effectively prevent the wear and corrosion and prolong the service life. In addition, the optimized design of the screw conveyor can effectively improve the mud separation and filtrate clarification effect, and can effectively control the scouring effect of the slurry on the screw conveyor feed zone.


Third, drilling mud decanter centrifuge also has a high level of automation. In fact, this set of devices also includes a control system, feed pump system and flocculant dosing system. One of the control system with manual and automatic features, users can choose. If you choose automatic control, then the user just press a key can make it continuous processing operations.


From the production point of view, drilling mud sedimentation centrifuge equipped with a differential with high accuracy, and the overall compact structure, you can ensure smooth operation. In addition, according to user needs, choose a single motor or dual motor drive such as frequency conversion and PLC automatic control system.


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