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Safety protection device for industrial decanter centrifuge and low energy consumption operation

Oct 12, 2017

Industrial decanter centrifuge safety protection device is complete and reliable. The machine has a torque protection, power control, electrical interlock, sound and light alarm and other multiple protection, can effectively eliminate or reduce the damage caused by the failure of the machine. high degree of automation. The machine's feed, separation, discharge and other processes are in continuous operation at full speed. Equipment control can be based on user requirements and computer communication, to achieve process automation control.

The industrial decanter centrifuge is in good condition and the separation of the suspension is carried out during the operation, and there is no pollution to the operation site, so that it can keep the hygienic, corrosion and corrosion of the production environment Strong performance. The drum, cabinet and other parts of the machine are made of high quality stainless steel, with full corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. If necessary, you can also switch to other materials according to the user's requirements.

Industrial decanter centrifuge in the use of low energy consumption, so that the use of advanced frequency control technology, the impact of small power supply network, the energy consumption of similar products 1/3 to 1/2, smooth operation. The implementation of the rotating parts of the precision dynamic balance and machine speed to load dynamic balance.

The larger the solid particles in the industrial decanter centrifuge material, the easier it is to be separated. The size of the solid particles is different, and the separation particles can be separated to determine the final separation effect, which is smaller than the small particles of the limit particles. Clear liquid entrainment out.

industrial decanter centrifuge in the liquid-solid two-phase the greater the difference between the greater the separation easier, the smaller the viscosity of the suspension, the easier to separate, and vice versa is difficult to separate. To this end can be appropriate to improve the material feed temperature or by flocculation method to speed up the free settlement speed of the pre-treatment to reduce the viscosity to improve the separation conditions.


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