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Screw sludge dewatering machine's durability and concentration

Mar 09, 2018

Screw sludge dewatering machine is very simple in operation. Its entire equipment is mainly through the electric control cabinet, and it is linked with the foaming machine, the injecting pump, the dosing pump, etc. The screw type sludge dewatering machine can thus To a certain extent, the 24-hour continuous unmanned operation is realized. The screw sludge dewatering machine in the course of routine maintenance is short in maintenance work.

Screw sludge dewatering machine is durable

 1. The body is made of stainless steel almost all of which can maximize the service life.

 2. The replacement parts are only the screw shaft and the traveling ring, and the use cycle is long.

 The product specifications of the screw sludge dewatering machine are various and the series is complete, so that it can, to a certain extent, target its different treatment scales and can effectively select the most suitable model, so that it can effectively avoid oversizing.

 The screw sludge dewatering machine has a compact body design, integrated dewatering and dehydration, and is equipped with auxiliary devices such as electric control cabinets and sludge flocculation mixing tanks. It has strong compatibility with supporting equipment and is easy to design. The compact design facilitates adaptation to local conditions and reduces the space and construction costs of the dewatering machine itself.

 The screw-type sludge dewatering machine has the function of concentrating sludge, and it does not need its concentration and storage unit during the operation, so as to reduce the overall land occupation space and construction cost of the sewage treatment facility. The main body of the dehydrator has a self-cleaning function, so it is not necessary to wash a large amount of water in order to prevent sludge clogging.

 The screw-type sludge dewatering machine can effectively use its low-speed screw extrusion technology and low power consumption. The electric control cabinet is equipped with an automatic control device to transfer sludge, inject liquids, concentrate and dehydrate, and discharge mud cakes to achieve 24-hour automatic continuous operation. No one runs, reducing worker's fees.