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Selection Analysis of liquid solid decanting centrifuge

Dec 06, 2018

The dynamic balance accuracy of the liquid solid decanting centrifuge will affect its performance. Therefore, it is generally necessary to dynamically balance the spiral and the drum at the rated speed, so that the dynamic balance accuracy is significantly improved. The deflection under high-speed rotation is corrected to avoid plastic deformation under the influence of deflection for a long time, thereby increasing the imbalance vibration of the whole machine, which is beneficial to the long-term stable operation of the liquid solid decanting centrifuge.


Regarding the selection of the liquid solid decanting centrifuge, it is actually to find a specific machine that can meet the process requirements in various mud dewatering models according to the physical property parameters and process requirements of the materials, and the process and process are required in the selection process. Equipment engineering technicians can work well together.


The main parameters related to the selection of the liquid solid decanting centrifuge include: solid phase concentration of the suspension, solid particle size range, solid-liquid two-phase density difference and liquid phase viscosity. The parameter for liquid-liquid separation is the concentration, density difference, and viscosity of the liquid-liquid two-phase. The second is the parameters related to the machine material and structure. In short, the selected models are different depending on the purpose of use.