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Selection and specific types of fruit juice decanter centrifuge products

Mar 13, 2019

Juice decanter centrifuge, as its name suggests, this type of decanter centrifuge is used in the juice separation operation and is used in the food industry. Therefore, it is called a juice decanter centrifuge, and this kind Centrifuges have many applications in the food industry and should be familiar and understood so that they can be used reasonably and achieve their intended use.


1. Juice decanter centrifuge product purchase requirements and purchase routes

There are some specific requirements for the selection of juice decanter centrifuges. It is required to take all relevant factors into account and consider these factors comprehensively and comprehensively to ensure that the right products can be selected and wrong choices are avoided. Because if there is a wrong choice, it will cause product waste and economic loss to the user. In terms of specific considerations, there are product origin, quality, price, manufacturer, product use environment and use requirements, and product after-sales service.


The product selection route of the juice decanter centrifuge is to choose the appropriate purchase route according to different situations, and from the current point of view, there are three ways to purchase, one is to find the manufacturer to directly purchase, and the other is to find through the agent. The purchase of this product, the third is to buy the product on the industry website, choose which way, determined by the user's own conditions.


2. Horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge, which can be a juice sedimentation centrifuge?

Horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge, which is a high-efficiency separation device for separating different density media by centrifugal force, which can perform solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation, and has strong adaptability, large processing capacity and slag discharge. It has the advantages of low moisture content, automatic operation and operation, and is widely used in food, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal and water treatment industries. In addition, this type of centrifuge can concentrate, dehydrate or fractionate suspensions with particle sizes ranging from a few microns to a few millimeters with good separation.


In summary, and based on the above two points, it can be concluded that the horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge can be a juice sedimentation centrifuge because it can perform operations such as separation of juice. As long as the correct and standardized operation is carried out, it is possible to have good separation quality and separation effect.