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Separation factor and quality requirements of horizontal screw solid liquid centrifuge

Oct 29, 2018

Horizontal screw solid liquid centrifuges are usually designed with a cone-and-column structure. They are mainly composed of high-speed drums, spirals and differentials that turn to the same drum and have a lower rotational speed than the drum. The rotating drum is a cylindrical-conical composite cylinder, and the two ends are supported by the bearing on the base, and the motor is driven by the pulley to make the high-speed rotation.


For horizontal spiral solid-liquid centrifuges, in order to measure the magnitude of the centrifugal force, it is generally expressed by the separation factor fr, which is the ratio of centrifugal acceleration to gravity acceleration, fr = rω2 / g. It can be seen that for a certain material, the larger the rotating drum speed, the larger the separation factor and the better the separation effect. For difficult-to-separate suspensions with small solid particles, large dispersion, and high liquid phase viscosity, a centrifuge with a high separation factor can be used.


In the material separation operation, in order to ensure the separation quality, the material of all the contact materials of the horizontal screw solid liquid centrifuge is usually made of stainless steel. In addition, in order to improve the spiral wear resistance, a layer of wear-resistant alloy is sprayed on the surface of the spiral blade.