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Separation mechanism and adjustment method of wastewater decanter centrifuge

Oct 24, 2018

The wastewater decanter centrifuge belongs to a new type of horizontal screw discharge centrifuge. The machine mainly uses the solid-liquid specific gravity difference during operation, and expands several thousand times by the centrifugal force field. The solid phase is in the centrifugal force. The lower part is settled to achieve solid-liquid separation, and the body is separately discharged under the action of a special mechanism.


Wastewater sedimentation centrifuges can be divided into two major categories, namely, rest operation and continuous operation. Among them, the intermittent operation sedimentation centrifuge mainly includes a three-legged sedimentation centrifuge and a scraper slag sedimentation centrifuge, etc. The overall structure is similar to that of the same type of filtration centrifuge, but the drum wall has no holes. When separated, the sediment on the drum wall gradually thickens, the effective volume of the drum decreases, and the liquid axial flow velocity increases, so that the solid particles carried away by the separation liquid increase.


If it is necessary to make adjustments in the middle, for example, if the separation clarity of the wastewater decanter centrifuge is not satisfactory, then the feed can be stopped, or the sludge can be discharged by manual unloading, or the scraper can be used to reduce the slag. If the sediment has fluidity, it can be discharged with a straw at high speed.