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Separation process of horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge in wastewater pretreatment

Jun 13, 2018

Due to the large amount of circulated waste water and the low solid content, the initial conditions cannot meet the processing requirements of the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge. Therefore, in order to improve the working efficiency of the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge, the mechanical settlement should be considered before the transformation process. At the same time, use polyester amide as flocculant to increase the solid content of wastewater, and then enter the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge.


The separation process of the horizontal screw discharge centrifuge includes multiple stages. The first is the mixing and acceleration stage. The slag-containing wastewater and the flocculant are mixed in the feed chamber and accelerated to ensure that the slag-containing wastewater enters the separation zone in an optimum state. , To provide a reliable foundation for an ideal separation effect.


Followed by the clarification stage, under the effect of the centrifugal force of the horizontal screw discharge centrifuge, the flocculated particles are rapidly separated and settled in the straight section of the drum, and the separated supernatant is discharged through the fistula provided at the end of the drum. Then, in the compression stage, the auger pushes the settled solids to the discharge end, and the sludge is further compressed by the centrifugal force and releases the pore water.


In the two-stage extrusion stage of the process of entering the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge, in the conical section of the drum, the waste cement slag is subjected to biaxial compression, and the screw conveyor is appropriately designed to generate extrusion in the axial direction. pressure. With the compression of the centrifuge, the capillary water of the sludge is further squeezed out.


During the entire separation process of the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge, it is necessary to control the residence time of the solids. When the amount of sludge and the quality of the mud entering the horizontal screw discharge centrifuge are changed, in order to maintain the best dewatering effect at all times, Continuous control of the total amount of solids in the drum of the centrifuge.


It has been proved through practice that the use of horizontal spiral discharge centrifuges has a good effect on the treatment of cyclized wastewater, and has high work efficiency. It has played a vital role in sewage treatment and has become one of the indispensable equipments in many industrial production processes.