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Sludge Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge Application Principle and Effect Related Factors

Sep 02, 2017

Centrifuge in the decanter centrifuge, which specific application? Can it be used in sludge dewatering? And, about the sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge, what are we gotta know and clear? The main purpose of these questions is to draw the content of the article, so that we can come to the initial familiar with this kind of centrifuge, and then broaden their knowledge.

1. Sedimentation centrifuge, which specific application? Can it be used in sludge dewatering? Yes, why is the centrifuge?

This is a new type of horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge, its specific application, is for the crystallization, chemical sediment and pulverized coal and other suspension on the separation of the suspension of centrifugal machine, which is a professional point of view, , As well as a variety of sewage sludge dewatering and animal and vegetable oil on the slag to clarify. So, for question two, it is clear that the answer is yes. And, this kind of sedimentation centrifuge, known as the sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge.

Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge

2. Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge, its working principle is what?

Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge, its working principle is: the use of solid and liquid between the proportion of poor, and the use of centrifugal force, the solid phase settlement, thus, to achieve the separation between them, and separation will be Of the product, through the body or device, etc., outside the centrifuge.

3. City sewage and waste water sludge, can they be treated using sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge?

Municipal sewage and waste water sludge, which can be treated with a sludge dewatering and settling centrifuge, as this is within the scope of the centrifuge application, so that there will be this conclusion. Moreover, for the dewatering treatment of waste water sludge, flocculants will be used in order to ensure and improve the treatment effect.

4. Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge processing performance and separation effect, and what?

Sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge, its handling performance and separation effect, in general, in the relevant factors, mainly with the dehydration sludge shape and performance parameters, dehydration conditions, pretreatment methods, dehydration process, etc. These, Moreover, some of them have a greater impact, can not be missed.

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