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Sludge Dewatering System Equipment Principle and Composition

Aug 21, 2017

Sludge dewatering system equipment, mainly by the drum, but also includes a screw conveyor, differential, the main bearing, and its cover and motor drive and inverter components and other components. Sludge from the sludge settling tank, after the sludge cutting machine after the broken, will be directly transported by the sludge feed pump, after the measurement of the electromagnetic flowmeter, it is actually directly And flocculant dispensing system into the preparation of a good solution of the liquid together, mixed into our sludge dewatering system equipment.

After the sludge has passed the sludge dewatering system equipment, it will be separated into solid / liquid two-phase, and the liquid phase (clarifying liquid or separation liquid) will be discharged directly or sent back to the sedimentation tank To the solid phase (dewatering sludge), that is, by the screw conveyor to discharge to the transport vehicle for Sinotrans. In fact, these are the relevant principles, but also when we need to use the initial understanding of the time.

In terms of its specific terms, in fact, refers to the flocculant in the automatic dispensing system which, for the powder flocculant will be directly from the hopper (material feeder) to join, this time, it is actually Automatic feeding device to the preparation of the pool (colloidal flocculant at this time will be directly added with the metering pump to the preparation of the pool); at the same time, for its tap water, then we will actually note that it will pass Flowmeter directly into the preparation of the pool, the automatic preparation of a certain concentration (probably 0.08-0.15%) solution;

Then, in the sludge dewatering system equipment, the preparation of a good pool of solution will flow into the storage pool to go, because it is also will be added screw pump for delivery, after the measurement by the electromagnetic flowmeter, we actually It is mixed by manifolds (or static mixers) and sludge from sludge settling tanks, as well as a series of centrifugal forces due to their high-speed rotation.

To sum up, in view of the sludge dewatering system equipment to run the above steps, the next step, that is, should be noted that it is necessary to directly into the drum into the suspension of the density of the larger material ( Solid phase), this time, it is actually because of centrifugal force and centrifugal pressure and the role of sedimentation and the phenomenon of separation, and finally, together into the sludge dewatering system equipment for sludge dewatering.

sludge dewatering system

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