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Solid Liquid Separation Centrifuge Principles

Aug 26, 2017

Centrifuge, the solid liquid separation centrifuge this kind, its name from the point of view, its main role is to solid-liquid separation, so only this kind of centrifuge, called solid liquid separation centrifuge. The So, since it is mentioned, and it is also one of the types of centrifuge, it is better to learn and understand, so that we can also some of the harvest and inspiration.

Solid liquid separation centrifuge

1. Solid liquid separation centrifuge, whether it can be used in the industry?

Solid liquid separation centrifuge, which can be used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, so it can be used in the industry. Its specific use is for the need for solid-liquid separation operation, and this is a chemical production process in an important part, so it can not be underestimated.

2. For different materials, should choose the corresponding solid liquid separation centrifuge?

If the material is different, then, its nature and so on, is not the same. Therefore, in the solid liquid separation centrifuge on the type of natural is different, so in this issue, the answer is yes, that is, for different materials, should choose the corresponding centrifuge, to ensure that there is a good separation effect.

3. Can I use a layer stopper on a solid liquid separation centrifuge? As well as its solid liquid separation, is the use of what principle to carry out?

Solid liquid separation centrifuge, in this kind of centrifuge, you can use the material limiter, to carry out automatic control, etc. However, it should be noted that before use, to look at the material properties, because these two There is a certain relationship between. As for the centrifuge for solid-liquid separation, which is the use of solid-liquid two-phase density difference to achieve.

4. Are different types of centrifuges, in function, are they the same? In addition, the ordinary centrifuge, whether it is for solid liquid separation centrifuge?

Centrifuge, which is a lot of types, such as three feet, lying suspension, butterfly, therefore, its different types, then the function of the centrifuge, it is certainly different, can not be the same. So, the ordinary centrifuge, which are not all solid-liquid separation centrifuge, because some of them, is the liquid-liquid mixture separation.

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