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Stainless steel sludge dewatering machine features and workflow

Mar 01, 2018

In comparison, stainless steel sludge dewatering machine can guarantee a higher work efficiency, and its relatively light body size, flexibility to meet the requirements of different workplace applications. Usually in the design and manufacture of such equipment, mainly made of SUS304 stainless steel. For users, stainless steel sludge dewatering machine can also effectively reduce costs.


During use, stainless steel sludge dewatering machine can maintain continuous operation, coupled with its excellent material, which can adapt to different processing materials. Due to the strong corrosion resistance, so you can guarantee a longer life. And in daily use, maintenance is very convenient.


So in the actual operation, stainless steel sludge dehydrator workflow is what? Combined with the actual use of the situation to analyze, in which the sludge in the sludge tank through the sludge pump, was transported to the metering tank, tank by adjusting the liquid level control metering tank to adjust the volume into the excess sludge through the return pipe back to the sewage Mud pool. In the process of treatment, usually to the flocculation mixing tank by adding an appropriate amount of flocculant. After mixing with the help of mixing to form alum, the ideal alum diameter of about 5 mm.


Next, with the stainless steel sludge dewatering machine running at high speed, alum will be gravity-concentrated as it passes through the enrichment section so that a large amount of filtrate is discharged from the filtration section of the enrichment section. And after the concentration process, sludge along the direction of rotation of the screw shaft to continue to move forward in the back pressure plate formed by the internal pressure of the full dehydration.


Normally, during the operation of the stainless steel sludge dehydrator, the cake after dehydration is discharged from the gap formed by the back pressure plate and the spiral body. If necessary, the user can adjust the sludge treatment capacity and mud cake water content by adjusting the rotation speed of the screw shaft of the stainless steel sludge dehydrator and the back pressure plate clearance.