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Start and end operation of the juice decanter centrifuge

Aug 20, 2018

When the juice decanter centrifuge is turned on, it is necessary to first turn on the power of the control cabinet; then start the main machine and the auxiliary machine; at this time, check that the direction of the main motor should meet the direction indicated by the sign; after starting, wait until the main and auxiliary machines reach the rated speed, and add Clear water for 5-10 minutes, confirm that the operation is normal, close the water valve; start the dosing system, open the feeding valve; then open the feeding valve, gradually increase the feeding amount until the normal amount, then adjust the dosing valve to change The amount of material until the discharge and effluent are normal.


During the operation of the juice decanter centrifuge, it is necessary to observe whether the host is stable, whether the treatment effect is normal, and confirm whether the startup is successful. Under normal conditions of feeding, the host current should not exceed the rated current; if the current is increased and the rated current is exceeded under the same feed amount, the feed should be stopped immediately or the feed amount should be reduced, and the water should be added until the current is normal. .


Finally, at the end of the operation, the juice decanter centrifuge feed is gradually reduced until the feed is stopped. Open the cleaning valve, add cleaning water or solvent for 30 minutes, then reduce the speed for 2-3 times, each time for 15 minutes. If the accumulated material can not be washed out, extend the cleaning time properly and check whether the inlet valve is completely closed. Carefully clean the drum screw to prevent damage to the balance or damage to the differential parts due to material remaining inside the machine. It is not allowed to leak material into the machine after shutdown.