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Start-up and shutdown process of sludge dewatering and sedimentation centrifuge

Jul 02, 2018

The sludge dewatering and decanting centrifuge in the centrifuge has been widely used in industries such as industrial wastewater treatment. It is stratified by rotating drums and spirals, and then solids are discharged by spirals. However, not all materials can use sludge dewatering decanter centrifuges.


The first step of operating the sludge dewatering and decanting centrifuge is to start up, you need to first turn on the power of the control cabinet; start the main machine and auxiliary machine; check the direction of the main motor should meet the direction indicated by the sign. After starting, wait until the main and auxiliary machines reach the rated speed and fill the water for 5-10 minutes. After confirming that the operation is normal, close the water clear valve.


Then start the dosing system, open the dosing valve; then open the feed valve, gradually increase the feed amount until the normal amount, then adjust the dosing valve to change the dose until the discharge and effluent are normal. . At this time, it is necessary to observe whether the sludge dewatering and sedimentation centrifuge host is stable, whether the treatment effect is normal, and confirm whether the startup is successful.


Under normal conditions of sludge dewatering and sedimentation centrifuge, the host current should not exceed the rated current; every part of the machine should be inspected once every half hour; the abnormal situation should be handled in time, and the operation record should be made. If downtime is required, the feed should be gradually reduced in advance until the feed is stopped and the dosing is stopped.


Open the purge valve, add cleaning water or wash the solvent for 30 minutes, then reduce the speed and wash 2-3 times, each flush for 15 minutes; press the host to stop the button; after the host stops, press the red stop button; the machine comes with Protection circuit, when the host is running, can open other auxiliary systems, such as dosing system, feeding system.