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Structural advantages of the volute dewatering screw press

Oct 15, 2018

The snail dewatering screw press has obvious advantages in structure. Firstly, the main shaft is made of high-quality steel and heat-treated. In the stack screw dewatering screw press, there is a brake opening and closing arm, which has good braking performance and can make the machine stop quickly.


In fact, the inner cylinder and outer casing parts of the stacked screw dewatering screw press widely used in the industrial field are made of stainless steel, and the turns are also made of stainless steel plates, while the cage base and the chassis are cast iron materials. The outlet pipe is below the chassis. The sludge dewatering machine is a three-legged pendulum structure, which can avoid the vibration of the foot during operation due to the imbalance of the load inside the switch.


The transmission part of the stack screw dewatering screw press is realized by the transmission of the triangular tape, and the centrifugal starting wheel is driven by the motor, so that the machine starts slowly. As the operation continues, the set speed will be obtained to ensure smooth operation of the stack screw dewatering screw press.