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Structural characteristics and dehydration principle of Dewatering screw press

Jan 31, 2019

Dewatering screw press can be widely used in the dewatering operation of high-humidity residue slag materials before drying, such as distiller's grains, pomace, dregs, cassava residue, vegetable residue, corn stalks and other materials. The dewatering screw press has low cost and simple operation, and is often used in the high temperature drying and dehydrating process of the residue, improving the drying quality and the processing amount, and reducing the drying cost.


The design of the dewatering screw press is designed according to the customer's output. The large processing capacity is generally extended type, and is divided into single shaft and double shaft. The design is flexible according to customer requirements, and the material design for the dewatering screw press is also based on the customer's specific Requires a more flexible design to meet the different needs of customers. The nine-day spiral extrusion dewatering machine is widely used in distiller's grains, Chinese medicine residue, bean dregs, catering waste and other projects. It has strong dehydration ability, stable equipment and good market reputation.


After the speed regulating motor is running normally, the material is evenly fed into the dewatering screw press from the feeding box, and the material after the feeding is advanced along the axis by the spiral rotating blade. During the advancement, the material is subjected to the changed pitch and the function of adjusting the baffle. , forming a huge pressing force, so that the material is mechanically dehydrated under the action of external force, the water is discharged through the screen at the water outlet, and the dehydrated material is discharged at the discharge box.