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Structural principle and main technical parameters of three-phase decanter centrifuge

Feb 13, 2019

The working principle of the three-phase decanter centrifuge is similar to that of the standard horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge. The solid density is different, and the sedimentation stratification is realized by the centrifugal force field. The lighter the liquid phase is closer to the rotary axis, the heavier The closer the liquid phase is to the inner wall of the drum, the heaviest solid phase settles on the inner wall of the drum, the light and heavy liquid phases are discharged from the respective channels of the door design, and the solid phase is discharged by the screw feeder.


A partial three-phase decanter centrifuge may be equipped with a centripetal pump, one of which may be discharged by a centripetal pump and the other of which may be discharged via a casing sump. The use of a centripetal pump drain reduces liquid vaporization and prevents the separated liquid phase from leaking back into each other within the enclosure.


The three-phase decanter centrifuge is also widely used for light phase/heavy liquid phase/solid phase three-phase separation, light solid phase/liquid phase/re-solid phase three-phase separation, light liquid phase/solid phase/heavy weight Liquid phase three-phase separation; wherein the standard three-phase decanter centrifuge refers to a three-phase separator for light liquid phase/heavy liquid phase/solid phase.