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Structural requirements and production process of solid - liquid separation decanter centrifuge

Jul 13, 2017

Solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge is a continuous operation of the settlement equipment, in the course of the operation of its spiral and the drum is a certain difference between the same speed to the high-speed rotation, so that the material will be continuous introduction from the material Spiral inner cylinder, solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge accelerated into the drum, under the action of the centrifugal position, the heavier solid phase will be effectively deposited in the drum wall to form sediment layer.
Solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge in the use of its lighter liquid phase will be effective in the formation of the inner liquid ring, when used directly from the drum big overflow overflow mouth continuous overflow drum, in use will be effective The machine can be washed and unloaded at full speed after passing through its discharge port.


centrifugal decanter

Solid-liquid separation of decanter centrifuge compact and continuous operation is very smooth and adaptable, the equipment is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry, environmental protection and other industries.
The choice of suitable solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge in the process of production can not only effectively solve its production problems, effectively improve its efficiency, while also saving the use of production costs and reduce operational risk.
Solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge speed in general circumstances will be more than 3000 rpm, centrifuge separation factor higher, the better the separation effect. Different materials, its wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other physical and chemical indicators are not the same, foreign decanter centrifuge generally the lowest material for the 316L, or duplex stainless steel, abrasive components to be selected ceramic synthetic materials.
Solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge in the use of different differential control will be different precision, the use of its life and maintenance costs of the gap is relatively large, the better the adaptability of the material, it is appropriate to use high precision equipment.


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