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Structure characteristics of fruit juice decanter centrifuge

May 25, 2018

From the structural analysis, the drum of fruit juice decanter centrifuge adopts the design of sealed barrel structure. The working principle of this equipment is to achieve solid-liquid two-phase separation through centrifugal force, so it is called decanter centrifuge. The fruit juice decanter centrifuge is mainly applied to the filtration treatment of fruit juice materials. Next we briefly understand its structural characteristics.


In the juice decanter centrifuge, the distributor of the juice decanter is usually designed with a laminar flow, which can effectively guide the material to smoothly pass through the spiral feeding port, so that the material flow rate changes smoothly, turbulence is reduced, and the acceleration efficiency is improved. At the same time, its spiral feed port is specially designed with anti-corrosion, sub-type feeding, and the inlet can be replaced with wear-resistant ceramics. In this way, the useful life of the device can be greatly extended.


We know that in the process of separation using a fruit juice decanter centrifuge, the main purpose is to separate the solids in the mixed fluid that have a higher specific gravity than the liquid-phase fluid from the liquid-phase fluid. When the mixed liquid has the feed inlet into the high-speed rotating drum body cavity, the solid material with a larger specific gravity in the liquid is mixed, rapidly settles to the inner wall of the drum under the action of centrifugal force, and is discharged from the solid phase outlet by an auger. Drum body.


In order to ensure the ideal separation requirements, the juice decanter centrifuge is usually designed with a large aspect ratio and high rotation speed, and has a drum taper structure with various angles. At the same time, the spiral conveyor adopts special anti-wear measures, which can spray-weld hard alloy protective layer or insert hard alloy wear-resistant film. As for the choice of differential, you can choose heavy-duty, large-gear planetary gears or hydraulic differentials.


Not only that, in the processing and production, the component inspection of the fruit juice decanter centrifuge is performed under constant temperature conditions to ensure that the actual processing quality meets the design accuracy requirements. In addition, the differential speed and torque of the juice decanter centrifuge can be automatically adjusted by the microcomputer control system with the change of the material concentration and flow rate.