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The advantages of wastewater decanter centrifuge in sewage treatment

Apr 23, 2018

The rapid development of the centrifuge industry in recent years has led to a growing number of centrifuges and a wider range of applications. Wastewater decanter centrifuges are one of the categories. Although technical developments started late, but with the support of national policies, scientific research institutions have accelerated the pace of centrifuge technology research and development. The quality of wastewater decanter centrifuges has made great progress.


In the past, belt-type machines and frame and frame machines were basically used for dyeing and printing wastewater treatment and dyeing sludge dewatering, but their disadvantages were exposed due to the extension of the use time. In recent years, these two types of equipment have gradually exposed their disadvantages. For example, due to the aging of the tape, rough, blocked pores caused by a large decline in processing capacity, can not meet the requirements of the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment.


In addition, the traditional plate-frame machine processing cycle is too long, often a frame of mud pressure up to 10 hours, the processing capacity can not keep up with the company's production requirements, and in the process of washing equipment will cause secondary pollution. In order to overcome the above drawbacks, it was replaced with a wastewater decanter centrifuge.


Wastewater decanter centrifuge has very good application effect on printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, because the equipment is stable and easy to operate, and many advantages of high degree of automation are undoubtedly revealed and well received. Although its initial investment costs will be higher than ordinary equipment, the long-term economic performance is very high.


Wastewater decanter centrifuge can efficiently complete this kind of wastewater and sewage treatment, not only in the printing and dyeing industry, so it has a positive effect on water quality treatment and purification, and also made important contributions to our environmental protection cause.