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The application and outstanding application advantages of the solid-liquid separation centrifugal machine

Nov 06, 2017

Although there are many traditional solid-liquid separation equipment, such as belt pressure filter, box pressure filter and so on. However, their use effect is always unsatisfactory. In contrast, the advantages of the solid-liquid separation centrifugal machine are significantly more obvious, so it has been widely used in various industries, becoming the preferred equipment for solid-liquid separation.


From the application, the advantages of the solid-liquid separation centrifugal machine are reflected in three aspects. On the one hand, solid phase dehydration is used to treat the dehydrating effect of solid particles. On the other hand, the liquid phase clarification is used to remove the solid particles in the suspension to obtain the clear liquor. On the another hand, the particle size classification is used to remove the solid particles with large particle size.


It has been proved that the solid-liquid separation centrifugal machine is a continuous, closed and automatic completion of the solid-liquid separation, and it will not cause blockage. And the work process does not need to use high pressure water to flush the body, so the production efficiency is high. As long as the materials to be processed continuous input solid liquid separation centrifuge macro, clarification liquid and take off cake will continue to flow continuously, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.


The solid-liquid separation centrifugal machine occupies small space, the supporting equipment is simple, and the whole work flow is closed, which will not cause pollution to the workshop, and more conducive to management. At our side, the solid-liquid separation centrifugal machine relies on these advantages for the treatment of sewage and waste water.


After the separation and treatment of the industrial waste water through the solid-liquid separation centrifugal machine, the valuable materials such as precious metals are enriched. The drainage of the treatment reduces the pollution to the environmental protection standards and even can participate in the production recycling. Solid - phase pollutants have also been transformed into valuable products.


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