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The dehydration way, advantages and uses of the screw press dehydrator

Dec 02, 2017

Screw press dehydrator is a professional dehydration equipment, and also a corollary equipment for the drain grating. With a series of advantages, it is widely used in the dehydration of materials. What are the characteristics and uses of the screw press dehydrator?


Analyzing from the structure , screw press dehydrator is mainly composed of feeding box, cone screw, filter water frame, filter water cage, engine base, speed control motor, reducer, and transmission and other parts. Compared with other similar equipment, the screw press dehydrator has the advantages of high strength, large bearing pressure, no deformation, not easy to plug, no slipping, convenient maintenance, long service life and so on.


At present, the screw press dehydrator can not only be used for the dehydration of the products such as lees, pumace, dregs, manioc waste, etc., but also can be used in the drain grating system. The various filter slag enters the spiral pipe from the feed box into the screw press dehydrator, and is compressed and dehydrated under the action of the press screw.


At the same time, the water extruded from the material is collected through the filter screen to the receiving basin and is discharged by the drainage pipe, and the material is compressed and discharged by the slag discharge pipe, thereby greatly reducing the weight and volume of the debris, such as the muck. In addition, the application of screw press dehydrator greatly reduces the burden of the dryer, making the production greatly increased, the energy consumption is greatly reduced, is the essential processing equipment before the high humidity material drying.


The structure and material of the screw press dehydrator can be designed flexibly according to the specific requirements of customers. With more flexible design to meet the different needs of customers, so that all kinds of products can achieve more ideal dehydration effect, and improve its application value.