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The importance of decanter centrifuges in environmental applications

Mar 28, 2020

The decanter centrifuge is widely used in the environmental protection industry. It mainly dewaters the sludge produced in the industrial and domestic sewage treatment process, and the value of the decanter centrifuge is reflected.

Previously, sewage plants or related treatment plants used self-sedimentation or belt filter presses for dehydration and concentration of sludge. Tests proved that the moisture content of sludge was reduced from 98% to 80%, and its volume could be reduced by 10 times. Decanter centrifuges are widely used and popularized in the field of environmental protection due to their inherent characteristics of large processing capacity, automatic operation, and good dehydration effect.

The sales of single products of decanter centrifuges account for about half of all centrifuge products, which lays down its irreplaceable status. In foreign countries, decanter centrifuges are preferred for sewage treatment equipment. The environmental protection industry is the foundation for preventing pollution, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainable economic development.