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The key role of spiral operation in centrifuge operation

Apr 04, 2019

In the operation of the decanter centrifuge, especially in the operation of material separation, the operation of the internal spiral of the centrifuge can be said to be the "soul" of the decanter operation. Without the correct operation of the spiral, the centrifuge cannot realize its operation. Basic features.


 The most basic function of the decanter centrifuge is to be able to continuously separate the material in the input machine. This requires the machine to remove the material that has been separated in its interior so that the machine can continue to process new materials entering its interior. And the industrial production method requires that the process of "separation-discharge-continuation separation-continuation discharge" is automated and continuous, and the pusher screw inside the centrifuge is used for continuous discharge. The function is achieved by the relative rotational motion between the helix and the centrifuge drum, which is called the "difference" of the centrifuge.


Since the feed of the centrifuge is continuous, the centrifuge must perform the function of continuously processing the material, and the differential must also be continuous. In order to prevent failure due to accumulation of material inside the centrifuge, the differential must always exist, and the differential is always the push mode.


The pusher spiral can "feel" the dryness of the slag during operation. This feeling is reflected by the load of the spiral operation, the so-called "torque" at the time of the spiral. We are more stable in the operation of the centrifuge by continuously adjusting the operating parameters. In the specific operation, we observe the load or torque of the differential drive motor, or the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic line. If the load of the differential drive motor or the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic line is stable, we can conclude that the dryness of the slag discharged from the centrifuge is very stable. Therefore, one of the important operational requirements of the centrifuge is to obtain a stable pusher torque or pusher hydraulic pressure.