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The main features of solid-liquid separation centrifuge

May 31, 2018

The solid-liquid separation centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid and liquid materials by the action of centrifugal force to meet the production requirements. As the acceleration of the material has reached hundreds of times when it is in the process of the operation of the equipment, the entire separation speed is greatly accelerated and a thorough solid-liquid separation is realized. Next, we briefly introduce the main features of solid-liquid separation centrifuge products.


1. The equipment has a high level of automation. In practical applications, solid-liquid separation centrifuges have realized that the processes of feeding, separation, and unloading are continuously performed automatically at high speeds during operation. The device uses a programmable logic controller, which enables automatic control of the solid-liquid separation and centrifugal flushing process.


2. The solid-liquid separation centrifuge has good adaptability. In the actual separation process, the material and some other special requirements are fully considered in the process. The main components are optimized in terms of specificity and adjustability. That is to say, before purchasing, the user should explain in advance the place where it is installed, the physical and chemical properties of the material handling, and the process requirements, so that the manufacturer can provide a suitable model.


3. Under normal conditions, the equipment can maintain a stable and continuous operating state. At present, the differentials configured in solid-liquid separation centrifuges are usually cycloid differentials or planetary differentials, with large torque and wide adjustment range.


4, to improve the operating environment at the scene. This is because the current solid-liquid separation centrifuge is carried out in a completely sealed state during the separation operation, thus ensuring that the operation site is clean and free of pollution, and the clean and hygienic production environment is maintained, and the civilized production is realized.


5, safety protection device is complete and reliable, production is more secure. With the continuous advancement of technology, the protection functions of various solid-liquid separation centrifuges are becoming more and more powerful, often with multiple protections such as torque protection and power control, which can effectively eliminate or reduce sudden failures for solid-liquid separation and centrifugation. Damage caused by the machine.