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The main purpose and operating principle of the volute screw press

Nov 21, 2018

The volute screw press is mainly used for the processing of molded products of different types of refractory materials, or the processing of various metal material products (cold, hot forging, cold forging of thin forgings, casting forging). The lower part of the general screw press is equipped with a forging ejector. The machine also has the functions of a variety of forging machines such as die forging hammers and mechanical presses.


In practical applications, the volute screw press has a wide range of applications, and the machine can also be used for die forging, blanking, deep drawing and other processes. In addition, the machine has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture. Under the driving action of the motor, the flywheel, the sleeve shaft and the nut frequently move forward and backward together, the nut and the screw form a motion payment, and the nut drives the screw and the slider to move up and down to generate a striking force.


In the control system of the volute screw press, it is based on PLC, which can control multiple working blocks in an efficient and orderly manner. The striking speed of each block can be adjusted by the corresponding electric; the number of hits of each block can be Set by the corresponding counter. The instantaneous working state of the press can be collected for logical determination, and the control of the motor control and braking, the feeding and discharging device, and the pneumatic output control are completed. With the feeding and discharging device corresponding to various types of workpieces, the press can realize fully automatic work.