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The main purpose of animal oil decanter centrifuge

Mar 13, 2018

In the process of operation, the animal oil decanter centrifuge will be added to the suspension in the drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, it will form a circular liquid layer, in which the solid particles settle to the wall of the drum, which will to some extent Forming sediment.

The animal oil decanter centrifuge discharges the clarified liquid through the overflow outlet of the drum or the liquid wash tube, and can be referred to as a separation liquid to a certain extent. When the separation is finished, the equipment can use its artificial or mechanical method to discharge the sediment. . The solid particles also move axially with the liquid flow during settling towards the drum wall.

In the animal oil decanter centrifuge, when the feed volume is too large, the liquid will flow to the overflow port during the operation, and the fine particles that have not settled to the drum wall will be discharged along with the separation liquid. Make the separation liquid cloudy. For a difficult-to-separate suspension with a small solid-liquid phase density difference, small solid particles, or large liquid viscosity, a decanter with a high separation factor should be selected to ensure that the suspension stays in the drum for a longer period of time before the separation liquid is clarified.

The use of animal oil decanter centrifuges is widely used. Such equipment is very suitable for centrifugal filtration because the solid particles tend to clog the filter media and the filtration resistance is too large or when the fine particles are lost too much. However, the moisture content of the sediment is uneven. high. Sedimentation centrifuges can be used for the separation of crystallization, chemical deposits, pulverized coal and other suspensions, dewatering of various sewage sludges, and deslagging clarification of animal and vegetable oils.

The animal oil decanter centrifuge will, to a certain extent, have its squeegee slag unloading sedimentation centrifuge and three-legged sedimentation centrifuge. The overall structure of the equipment is similar to that of the same type of filtration centrifuge, but there is no hole in the drum wall. The sediment on the drum wall is gradually thickened during separation, the effective volume of the drum is reduced, and the axial flow velocity of the liquid is increased, so that the solid particles carried by the separating liquid increase.