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The manufacturing process and use effect of the horizontal screw centrifuge

May 29, 2019

The horizontal screw centrifuge is widely used in the industrial field, and the horizontal screw centrifuge can be seen in the industrial field. This kind of machine has a lot of functions, and its workmanship is also very good, but many people may not know much about it.


1. High-efficiency three-cone angle technology, the first cone angle strongly presses the material to extrude the internal moisture of the material; the second cone angle dehydrates the material and discharges the surface water; the third cone angle causes the material to be buffered and smoothly discharged. Avoid blocking materials and eliminate the trouble of starting water injection and stopping flushing. At the same time, the liquid is made clearer by lengthening the length of the settling zone. The introduction of this model brings new breakthroughs in protein separation technology, the liquid phase is clearer, the solid phase is more dry, and the processing volume is larger.


2, the pool deepens,


3, straight drum extension, take LW530-2120Y as an example. Our new model drum length is 120mm longer than similar models. The straight drum of the same type has a length of 1500mm.. Because we use the new three-cone angle technology. Our cone drum is nearly 200mm shorter than similar models. This way, our new model has a straight drum of 1820mm.


4. Add a clear phase diversion hole on the spiral. The deepening of the liquid pool and the lengthening of the straight drum can increase the settling time of the material. Increasing the clearing flow diversion hole on the spiral can accelerate the discharge of the clear phase, reduce the residence time of the clear phase and then the drum, so that the space of the drum can be effectively applied. The throughput is greatly increased.