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The operation mechanism and performance characteristics of the screw press dewatering machine

Nov 27, 2017

The screw press dewatering machine can treat all kinds of pomace. It is usually first breaks and then squeezes and dehydrates. In practice, the screw press dewatering machine can not only ensure the higher juice yield, but also use gradually pressing. It can maintain continuous operation, and has a long service life.


In fact, the specific working process of the screw press dewatering machine can be summarized as: The internal spiral shaft rotates clockwise as the exit direction of the material slag. The pitch gradually decreased with the increase of the base diameter. When the material is pushed by the screw shaft, the spiral cavity becomes smaller, and finally the material is pressed. Therefore, after the addition of the fruit and vegetable products, in the push and extrusion of the spiral shaft, the squeezed juice will flow into the juice after filtration.


At the same time, the slag charge part is discharged with the annular space. In the operation of the screw press dewatering machine, the user can adjust the effect of the slag discharge resistance by adjusting the space size, thereby changing the slag yield. The specific space size, generally is selected according to the processing requirements of processed fruits and vegetables. At present, the equipment is mainly used for juicing various fruit and vegetable materials.


So, what about the performance characteristics of the screw press dewatering machine? First of all, from the design aspect, its overall structure is very compact and reasonable, the appearance looks more beautiful and generous. In addition, the equipment mainly includes two parts, namely crusher and spiral juice extractor. It can complete crushing, juicing and deslagging process automatically.


Because the screw press dewatering machine adopts the conical screw, the output is not only large, but also the juice yield is very ideal. During operation, it has high efficiency, low noise and no pollution and it is energy saving. And the part of screw press dewatering machine which is contacted with the material is made of stainless steel, and the use time is long.