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The optimization design of various components in the oilfield sludge settling centrifuge

Dec 11, 2017

Since there are centrifuges designed for the separation of drilling fluid, naturally there are also special separation equipment for the treatment of oilfield sludge, which is the oilfield sludge settling centrifuge. It is a machine composed of the body frame, hood, main bearing, drum, spiral, differential, drive system, control system, safety protection system and other parts.


In order to make better use of the oilfield sludge settling centrifuge, we need to have a good understanding of each part of its structure. For example, the drum is the key component of the whole centrifuge. It not only withstands the centrifugal pressure added by the high speed rotating materials and other accessories, but also bears the centrifugal force produced by the mass of the drum itself.


After careful observation, it is found that the drum of oilfield sludge settling centrifuge includes four parts: Cylinder, cone, large end cover and small end cover, which are connected by flanges. And the radial slag discharge hole is opened near the connection between the cone and the small end flange. The overflow hole is opened on the large end cover, and the depth of the liquid pool is adjusted by means of the eccentric overflow plate. In order to achieve the necessary bearing capacity, drum material to meet the requirements of strength, corrosion resistance, weldability and so on.


The second is the spiral conveyor of the oilfield sludge settling centrifuge, which is mainly responsible for continuously sending the sludge to the outside of the slag discharge outlet. In order to avoid the effect of separation due to the material rotation lag, usually in the screw feeding position welding with accelerating rotation device, and a circle of anti-helix welding at the small end, in order to prevent sediment accumulation at the small end of the drum.


When the oilfield sludge settling centrifuge is operated, the differential rotation speed between the hydraulic motor spiral and the rotary drum needs to be realized by the hydraulic motor, and the oil supply amount of the hydraulic motor can be automatically adjusted as long as the oil conveying joint is adopted. The main bearing is the hydraulic transmission part of the equipment. In order to ensure the stability of the machine, its base adopts I-beam welding structure, and equipped with shock damper for vibration attenuation.