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The sludge concentration variation and field management of the sludge dewatering equipment

Oct 26, 2017

The handling capacity of the sludge dewatering equipment must be controlled within the appropriate range, which can be adjusted in combination with sludge flow, flocculating agent flow and difference degree, so as to avoid frequent fluctuation and treatment effect of the system t due to the sudden increase of load, and the high efficiency of equipment processing can be realized.


The sludge concentration of sludge dewatering equipment changes and the timely adjustment of the flocculating agent flow and differential speed, both to ensure the treatment effect and to avoid waste. The sludge flow rate increases or the sludge concentration increases, the flocculating agent flow tracking increases, and the difference speed increases accordingly. The sludge flow rate decreases or the sludge concentration decreases, the flocculating agent flow tracking decreases, and the difference velocity decreases accordingly.


The flocculating agent of sludge dewatering equipment is not the "best" only "best fit". The model and consumption of flocculating agent mainly depends on the matching of the quality of the medicament and the nature of the sludge, also depends on the matching of equipment structure type and operating conditions. only the best operation combination is obtained, the best treatment effect and the highest processing efficiency can be obtained in the case of realizing the lowest flocculating agent consumption.


The surface of sludge cake of sludge dewatering equipment should be determined by the torque data to determine the numerical range of the best differential speed. In principle, the lower difference degree is used as far as possible to achieve better treatment effect and save the consumption of flocculating agent without the blockage of the centrifuge and the ability to meet the processing capacity.


In the operation of the sludge dewatering equipment, the field management and operators must observe continuously, adjust in time and do well in summarizing. And seek the perfect match between the best and relatively stable work condition parameter in all possible changes as far as possible.


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