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The unique advantages and components of the sludge dewatering system

Jun 11, 2018

Sludge dewatering system is currently mainly used for urban domestic sewage treatment, sludge treatment in tap water production process, and industrial and agricultural sewage treatment works. The sludge dewatering system has the functions of sludge dewatering, sludge concentration and dewatering. At present, the large-diameter lag screw machine which is fully enclosed and continuously operated is used as the host for sludge dewatering.


Sludge dewatering system has unique advantages:

1. Fully enclosed operation, on-site cleaning without pollution;

2. Flocculant, small amount of cleaning water, low daily operation cost;

3. The compact layout of the equipment and small floor space can significantly reduce land acquisition and infrastructure investment.


For the user, the operation and management of the system is very convenient and fully automated. During the operation of the sludge dewatering system, the cutting and smashing of the sludge, feeding, sludge discharge, transportation, addition of the flocculant, and monitoring of the operating status of the entire system are implemented by a PLC+LCD control system. .


From the composition analysis, the sludge dewatering system is mainly composed of sludge feed system, flocculant dosing system, specific agent dosing system, sludge dewatering host, dewatering sludge transport system and electronic control system. The sludge feed system consists of a sludge cutting machine, a sludge feed pump, an electromagnetic flowmeter, valves, and pipes. The flocculant dosing system is composed of automatic dosing device, dilution water device, dosing screw pump, valves and pipes. The entire system realizes the processes of automatic feeding, dissolution, maturation, storage, metering and dosing. The entire process does not require manual operation and is fully automated, greatly improving the working efficiency.


In addition, in the sludge dewatering system, the dewatering sludge conveying system is also a very important component. This dewatering sludge conveying system can effectively prevent clogging and winding of mud cakes and is widely used for sludge transportation after sludge centrifugal dehydration treatment. The electronic control system of the sludge dewatering system is composed of a horizontal screw host, feed pump, dosing pump, dilution water pump, PLC control and related electrical component control box and LCD touch screen.