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The use of oilfield sludge decanter centrifuge and the use of matters needing attention

May 04, 2018

The special feature of the oilfield sludge decanter centrifuge is that it can keep the solid particles that enter the mud from settling and then can be scraped away directly by the screw conveyor near the mud inlet without flowing through the whole body. In the drum settlement zone of the sludge decanter centrifuge of the oil field, the spiral blade of the screw conveyor adopts a strip form, which minimizes the disturbance of the spiral to the separation liquid and improves the separation effect.


The groove of the drum of the sludge decanter centrifuge is processed to prevent the spiral body and the blades from wearing out. The cemented carbide block is added to the scraped part of the spiral blade; the screw inlet and the drum slag outlet Install replaceable carbide sleeves to enhance wear resistance.


It has been proved through practice that the oilfield sludge decanter centrifuge has good wear resistance and long service life. In particular, after the interceptor plate is installed at the transition between the straight section and the tapered section, the solid phase can be further compressed and the solid phase can be dried. The depth of the liquid pool is generally deep, and the liquid phase is clarified for a long time in the drum.


The over-flow plate of the oil field sludge decanter centrifuge is installed on the spiral end main shaft on the inner side of the discharge end cover. It is a disc type structure. The center has a main shaft mounting hole, and a set of holes is evenly opened around the main shaft installation hole. Through-holes can avoid the inclusion of a small number of solid particles when the liquid phase is discharged, making the liquid more clear. The solid phase that has not settled in the end will also be pushed toward the slag discharge by the screw, and the recovery rate of the solid phase is higher.


This excellent centrifuge and unique treatment method fundamentally improve the processing efficiency, reduce processing costs, protect the urban environment, and achieve civilized construction on the spot; at the same time, it can effectively and timely adjust the differential rotation speed to ensure that the oil sludge settlement type Centrifuge stable separation effect.


In the process of using the oilfield sludge decanter centrifuge, on the one hand, a separate socket shall be used to ensure the voltage stability; and after each use of the machine, the lid shall be opened, the condensation water shall be wiped off, and then naturally dried; before and after centrifugation, The head must be lowered or lifted vertically, avoiding collision with the shaft and the rotor itself.


In addition, the dust on the fins at the rear of the sludge decanter of the oilfield sludge must be regularly cleaned with compressed air; it can also be disinfected directly with a disinfectant. Of course, do not overlook the fixed position of the equipment rotor and the integrity of its components.