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The working principle and centrifugal force of the drilling mud decanter centrifuge

Oct 16, 2017

The drilling mud decanter centrifuge is a new type of horizontal helical-conveyer centrifuge. Its working principle is to use the solid - liquid ratio difference, depending on the centrifugal force field to expand several thousands of times. the solid phase is settled under the action of centrifugal force to, so as to realize solid-liquid separation, and discharge the body under the role of special mechanism.

The drilling mud decanter centrifuge is used to separate the suspension by the centrifugal settling method in the process. The suspension in the drum will form the circular liquid layer under the action of centrifugal force. The solid particles are deposited onto the drum wall to form a sediment.

During the operation of the drilling mud decanter centrifuge, the clarified liquid will be discharged through the drum overflow or suction pipe, called the separation liquid. And the sediment is unloaded by manual or mechanical method at the end of separation. In the settle process to the drum wall, the solid particles also conduct axial movement with the liquid flow. When the feeding amount is too large, with the liquid flow to the overflow port, and the fine particles that have not been settled into the drum wall are discharged with the separation liquid to the drum, so as to make the separation liquid turbid.

If the solid-liquid density difference is small, the solid particles are small or liquid viscosity is big, the separation suspension which is difficult to separate should choose the decanter centrifuge whose separation factor is high. It can prolong the residence time of suspension's stay in the drum, so as to ensure the separation liquid clear. The decanter centrifuge is widely used, especially in centrifugal filtration because solid particles are easy to block the filter medium, when the filtration resistance is too large or when the fine particles leak too much time separation, but the moisture content of the sediment is high.

The drilling mud decanter centrifuge can be used for the separation of suspension such as crystallization, chemical precipitates and coal powder, the dewatering of various sewage sludge and the clarification of the slag removal of animal and vegetable oil. The decanter centrifuge is divided into discontinuous operation and continuous operation.


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